Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction to Sport Nutrition for Parents Course

    1. Introduction to Chapter 1

    2. Chapter 1

    3. Back to School Lunches Grocery List

    1. Chapter 2 Introduction

    2. Chapter 2

    3. Sport Nutrition Summary PDF

    4. Sport Drinks, Electrolyte Drinks and Energy Drinks

    5. Meal Plans for Competitions and Tournaments

    1. Chapter 3 Introduction to Strategies to Gain Muscle

    2. Video Chapter 3 Gaining Muscle

    1. Chapter 4 Introduction to Common Questions and Challenges

    2. 1. Getting a Good Sleep Routine

    3. 2. Athlete is Not Hungry

    4. 3. Athlete Forgets to Eat

    5. 4. Athlete Grabs Junk Food

    6. 5. Long Days and Late Dinners.

    7. 6. Vegetarian Athletes

    8. 7. Athlete is a Picky Eater

    9. 8. Athlete has ADHD

    10. Feedback Comments and Review

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